"Preconditions for Formation "

On Saturday, 15 June at 3 p.m., the Rüki Gallery will hold the opening of the group exhibition Preconditions for Formation, which deals with deciphering process-based art as a form of research. The curator of the exhibition is Johannes Luik. 

In creating artwork, many stages are involved, often hidden from the viewer but crucial to the final result. Beyond the creative process, various support structures play essential roles at different stages of creation. Countless activities, materials, people, choices, and coincidences contribute to the daily development of artworks.

The works presented in this exhibition intersect at these points of contact between the artwork and its supporting structures. These interactions highlight, for instance, the tools used in making the art, the materials for packaging and transport, and the systems for hanging the pieces.


Participating artists: Mihkel Ilus (EST), Madli Kaljuste (EST), Johannes Luik (EST), Elisa Piazzi (IT), Taavi Piibemann (EST), Alexander Webber (UK).

 With the support of: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Viljandi City Government


The exhibition will remain open until 28 July 2024.

"Geometric Realism of Urmas Ploomipuu: Encounters and Reflections"